Are the recipes gluten-free?

Yes, all recipes in the program are gluten-free.

Are the recipes soy-free?

The meal plan includes limited amounts of soy, but suggestions for alternatives will be provided for those who have allergies.

Is the grocery shopping list budget-friendly?

We try to make the meals as budget friendly as possible, but it also depends on where you live and shop. You’ll therefore receive plenty of tips on how to save money on a plant-based diet.

Should I sign up if I’m already vegan?

If you’re already vegan, but would like more meal prep ideas, healthy recipes and information, then yes, absolutely! We’ve had plenty of vegans join the program in the past.

I’m allergic to nuts, does the meal plan include them?

The meal plan does include a few dishes with nuts, but those can easily be replaced with seeds. Suggestions for alternatives will be provided.

Where does the money go?

50% of all Vegan Reset profits will be donated to a variety of animal shelters and sanctuaries, as well as other vegan charities. If you are a non-profit that could use the help, email us at donations@veganreset.com. The rest of the money goes into creating more content to promote a healthy vegan lifestyle.