Vegan Reset Founder & Content Creator
After leading an unhealthy lifestyle for most of her life, Kim-Julie became an ethical vegan in 2011 after writing an essay about animal agriculture. Before that, she loved fast food, ate meat and dairy practically every day and was the furthest thing from a vegan you could possibly imagine. At her unhealthiest and unhappiest, she was a chainsmoker and weighed over 200lbs. She wanted to change, but had no idea how to even begin. Seeing her father die of a heart attack at the age of only 53 as a consequence of his own unhealthy choices was a wake up call and it motivated her to transition to a healthier, plant-based diet in addition to her ethical choices. Going vegan changed her life in more ways than she could have ever imagined and it helped her get rid of chronic migraines and allergies she’d been suffering from for most of her life. Kim-Julie is based in New York City and loves nothing more than to share her passion for veganism with people all over the world. She is the founder of the Vegan Reset, Best of Vegan and Brussels Vegan and in her free time loves to travel, read, practice Yoga and spend time with the people she loves.
Vegan Reset Community - Nutrition Coach
Samantha is a Certified Health and Nutrition coach, as a well as a certified personal trainer. Both of her sons were born and raised vegan and are actually third generation vegans on their dad’s side. She and her family live in Brooklyn, New York. Samantha loves to inspire and teach people how to transition to a plant-based diet for optimum health. Her passions include dancing, researching nutritional and herbal health, listening to music and watching movies.
Vegan Reset Community - Nutritionist and Fitness Advisor
Darryl is a certified plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer based in London. He loves helping people to grow and develop themselves both physically and spiritually. He also loves Yoga, functional training and cycling.
Vegan Reset Community - Customer Service and Admin
Ryan is a certified personal trainer and Vegan Reset success story, having lost 40 lbs during his first Reset and staying Vegan ever since! He loves traveling, sleeping and doing standup comedy.
Vegan Reset Community - Social Media
Jessica is a mom of two who raises her kids fully vegan and has been vegan herself for several years after being vegetarian for almost a decade. She lives in Florida with her husband, son and daughter and enjoys all things food, reiki and Yoga.
Vegan Reset Community - Fitness Advisor, Meal Prep Pro and Social Media
As a certified personal trainer and animal rights advocate, Berto loves showing people that you certainly don’t need to eat meat in order to get enough protein and build muscle.
Vegan Reset Community - Meal Prep pro and social media
Rebecca loves creating content, taste testing and sharing her own passion for veganism and fitness. As part of the meal prep and social media team, she will help guide and support you on your journey to show you how easy and rewarding a plant-based lifestyle can be. Rebecca lives in Brooklyn, New York, and enjoys exploring abandoned buildings (urban spelunking), solo travel and photography in her free time.