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In the meantime, the number one question I get when it comes to juicing is which juicer is best.

FAQ: Which juicer is best?

My personal favorite is the Nama Well J2 slow juicer. You can get $55 OFF if you use my discount code BOV10 at checkout. While they do offer payment plans, I understand that it’s quite the investment. A slightly cheaper option is their J1 juicer, which works just as well (my BOV10 code will give you 10% off that juicer).

FAQ: What’s a low cost alternative to using a juicer?

I know it can be tempting to opt for juicers that cost a lot less, but as someone who’s tried many different juicers at various price points, I’d actually recommend using my “juice without a juicer” option instead. A low quality juicer will yield a lot less juice and therefore make you lose money in the long run. So if investing in a higher quality juicer is simply not an option right now, here’s what I’d advise:

  • Get a nut milk bag or cheese cloth (these are easy to find online and cost about $5-20, scroll down for a link)
  • Use your blender (see notes below) to blend the juice ingredients and then filter them them through the nut milk bag or cheese cloth into a glass jar.
  • Note: if you don’t have a blender, it’s easier to find good, more affordable blenders than it is finding great juicers at the same price point. If you’d like a list of recommendations, let me know!

Nama Well J2 Juicer – Use the discount code BOV10 at checkout for $55 OFF

Nama Well J2 Juicer

Nama Well J1 Juicer – Use the discount code BOV10 at checkout for 10% OFF

Nama Well J1 Juicer

Other Recommended Products:

Tip: I personally prefer glass straws over metal or bamboo simply because they’re easiest to clean and since they’re see through, there’s never any doubt about whether they’re actually clean.

Green Juice with a Pineapple and greens